Justin Caplan

President of Sales and Strategic Growth

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Virginia Beach, VA, 23452
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At Atlantic Bay, we conduct business with our clients as if they were part of our family. We genuinely care about helping people buy homes to better their lives and consider their happiness our biggest reward. Equipping loan officers with the tools they need to further this mission has been the best part about my job.

Justin Caplan

With 24 years of experience in the mortgage industry, President of Strategic Growth Justin Caplan, has learned how to navigate the ever-changing lending landscape. As a first-generation American from London, England, Justin bring his passion for home ownership and the mortgage business to Atlantic Bay.

Before joining Atlantic Bay, Justin spent 21 years working for a large national mortgage company. However, as the mortgage industry began to shift, he realized that independent mortgage companies were the future for retail mortgage banking. With a billion dollars in personal production under his belt, he began exploring various models.

"Of everything I looked at, nothing resonated more than Atlantic Bay," he says. "From unimaginably high levels of production support to a 45-person marketing department, I left wondering why every serious retail mortgage banker does not work for the company."

Justin supports a team of strategic growth executives who are dedicated to telling the Atlantic Bay story to prospective mortgage bankers. In the past year alone, Justin and his team have attracted some of the top talent in the industry and plan for continued expansion.

"The independent model at Atlantic Bay hugely impacts our loan officers' personal and financial life," Justin says. "Because of the incredible support Atlantic Bay provides, mortgage bankers can create a thriving business, and balance it with a personal life."

In addition to helping mortgage industry professionals, Justin is also passionate about helping the global community. In 2008, he founded a nonprofit organization, Friends for African Development, that provides basic necessities such as health care, small business funding, education, and spiritual needs to the poor in Tanzania, Africa.


Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Launches Game Changing Plan for Mortgage Bankers

Our Progressive Earnings Plan offers you, the mortgage banker, a truly unique payment package that provides financial peace of mind. Whether planning for retirement or housing of your own, Atlantic Bay allows you to participate in the income stream from the mortgages you originiate.

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Our Mission: Atlantic Bay Cares is the community outreach arm of Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group with the primary goal of changing lives in communities through doing good and giving back to causes meaningful to our employees.

Justin Caplan

President of Sales and Strategic Growth

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