Enabling you to close more deals even faster Professional Relationships

Enabling you to close more deals even faster Professional Relationships

Enabling you to close more deals even faster Professional Relationships

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“Knowing that we are going to have happy clients at the end of the transaction is absolutely critical. We survey all of our clients and the satisfaction that they have with Atlantic Bay as a lender is very, very high.”


Liz Moore and Associates

Closing dates that actually mean something98.42% OF YOUR DEALS ARE CLOSED BY CONTRACT DATE

98.42% of all Atlantic Bay loans are closed on or before the contract date. By having a reputation for closing loans with speed and efficiency, our team empowers you to better serve your clients.

“Atlantic Bay completely underwrites the loan upfront. This causes a sense of calmness with not only the buyer but also with us”
Stephen Cooley

#1 REALTOR® for Keller Williams in North Carolina and South Carolina in 2013

Use our customized statusgrams toKEEP YOUR CLIENTS INFORMED AT EVERY STEP

Being in the know is an incredible feeling. We've developed custom statusgrams that are sent out to you and your customers, keeping them informed throughout every step of the lending process.

“Atlantic Bay has 'moved mountains' in order to achieve settlements!”
Gary S. Crawford

Realtor®, RE/MAX

What other companies consider challenges, we consider standards.

Close on Time

Close On Time

We get it. Closing on time matters to you and, therefore, that means it matters dearly to us. Closing on time is at the center of our business model and at the core of our professional relationships.

“One of the things that is important to us and our mortgage partnership is that this is a mortgage company that when they say this loan is going to be approved, it’s going to be approved and we’re able to close on time.”


Liz Moore and Associates

Upfront Closing

Upfront Closing

Your files go to underwriting first, then to processing. You will have your approvals much sooner than at any other mortgage company.

“Atlantic Bay Mortgage’s approach to closings loans is second to none in my experience… We can confidently go to our sellers and say if they say the deal’s approved, it’s going to close. If they say it’s going to close within a certain timeframe, you can start packing because it’s going to close in that timeframe.”

Kit Hale

MKB Realty

Amber Vaughan

Excellent Communication

We don’t expect you to be a mind reader. Our team makes sure the you’re the first to know of any change or issue with your deals.

“I have never had a lender relationship that provided so much support in helping me build my business and such communication during the entire contract to close process. Atlantic Bay has set the bar really high for other lenders who would ever hope to win our business.”

Allan Nanny

Towering Pines Real Estate

Purchase Driven Platform

Purchase-Driven Platform

While we also do refinances, the majority of your clients are home buyers. This focus makes our team far more efficient.

“My team went from doing about 50 transactions a year to last year we did about 122. This year, so far, this is July 2014 and we’ve already done 117 and are on pace for 300 transactions this year. A huge part of that is Atlantic Bay.”

Damon Gettier

Damon Gettier and Associates Realtors


“Not many will go that distance for a loan like Atlantic Bay. The foreclosure bank reviewed our conditional approval letter and decided that we were as good as those paying cash and selected us.”

Real Estate Professional

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