Steve Powell

V.P. of Strategic Growth - North Carolina

800 Green Valley Rd , Suite 306
Greensboro, NC, 27408
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“I’m passionate about offering mortgage bankers a better way of doing business and the strong support and culture that Atlantic Bay provides. I enjoy helping them discover and learn about our company and determine if those are the kinds of things that would benefit them in their career.”

Steve Powell

Steve Powell has over 28 years of experience in the banking and mortgage industries. As a certified executive and leadership coach, Steve is well qualified to help newly hired mortgage bankers develop sales and leadership skills as well as help them navigate through the process of building their business.
Steve, vice president of strategic growth for North Carolina, joined Atlantic Bay in 2016. “I like how efficient Atlantic Bay makes the loan process. This efficiency does so many things for the mortgage banker, not simply financial but from a personal, emotional, and physical perspective,” he says. “It gives them more confidence in building their business in their market with REALTORS®, builders, and other industry professionals because they know they can trust what they’re selling.”
“We really want mortgage bankers’ lives to be better, as well as see them succeed financially. People I hire know they’ll get coaching from me if they want it. I help them lead themselves and navigate their own journey with Atlantic Bay in terms of building their business and using the resources we have,” Steve says. “I really want to develop and coach the people we bring on board in order to add extra value for them.”


Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Launches Game Changing Plan for Mortgage Bankers

Our Progressive Earnings Plan offers you, the mortgage banker, a truly unique payment package that provides financial peace of mind. Whether planning for retirement or housing of your own, Atlantic Bay allows you to participate in the income stream from the mortgages you originiate.

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Steve Powell

V.P. of Strategic Growth - North Carolina

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