Stephen Templeton

V.P. of Strategic Growth - Florida

Tampa, FL,
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“Your success is my success. At Atlantic Bay, it’s all about the individual. We make it personal and focus on the quality of life.”

Stephen Templeton

Stephen Templeton, vice president of strategic growth for Florida, has been in the banking and mortgage industry for over 21 years. He genuinely cares about the personal and professional growth of others.

Stephen, a native of Central Florida, recently joined Atlantic Bay to help expand our presence in Florida and Georgia. He says, “When I talk about Atlantic Bay and what we have to offer, I really emphasize the commitment and support mortgage bankers receive from the production team. Bankers are aligned with a processor, an underwriter, and a closer. We also provide marketing support. Atlantic Bay is committed to the success of our sales team.”

Stephen says, “What we do is all about relationships. I do take it personally when someone comes on board. I talk to candidates, find out their likes and dislikes, and discover if it makes sense for them to join our organization where they can excel. It’s ensuring they’re truly a cultural fit where they can grow and provide for themselves, as well as their family. It’s vital for us, as well as for them.”

As part of our culture, Atlantic Bay gives back to our community through our Atlantic Bay Cares initiative. Stephen says, “The company allows each individual to really get involved and support what matters most to the them in the community.”


Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group Launchs Game Changing Plan for Mortgage Bankers

Our Progressive Earnings Plan offers you, the mortgage banker, a truly unique payment package that provides financial peace of mind. Whether planning for retirement or housing of your own, Atlantic Bay allows you to participate in the income stream from the mortgages you originiate.

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Community Commitment


Our Mission: Atlantic Bay Cares is the community outreach arm of Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group with the primary goal of changing lives in communities through doing good and giving back to causes meaningful to our employees.

Stephen Templeton

V.P. of Strategic Growth - Florida

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